Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is definitely our favorite thing to help businesses with, and that’s because, honestly, we are so effective at it!

Cocky? Maybe, but no doubt we have the proof to back it up. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors visiting our sites every month.

This is only one of the sites we manage on our large site portfolio, and you can see how we transformed that site to get millions of impressions, along with hundreds of thousands of clicks.

That’s why you should choose us. We actually have real experience in growing and building websites for businesses, unlike many other digital marketing agencies you might stumble across.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you transform your business’s website into a website that will attract new clients. We are sure we are the best SEO agency in Adelaide!

How Does it Work?

We make it simple & painless.

The first step is to book a free strategy session with us, and this will allow us to find a time to have a chat with you!

Then, we will go over your goals, what you’re looking for and more in our strategy session.

When you choose to proceed, we will proceed with our SEO plan, which you can read below!

What’s Our Plan?

An SEO Process can be lengthy, and complicated. Let’s take you through step-by-step of our SEO Process.

Again, every business requires different work, but this is the fundamental timeline we work off.

Month 1 – Planning & Setup

  • Setting up/optimizing your Google My Business Page.
  • Setting up your website with the necessary plugins, and updating your website with the newest technology.
  • In-depth keyword research to ensure we are choosing the right keywords for your business.
  • Adding your business to online directories to help with your online credibility.
This is our basic SEO checklist we over when starting an SEO campaign for any site.

Month 2 – Building New Content

  • We will now send a report of the changes that need to be made to ensure the success of your website.
  • We will start the process of reviewing and editing any existing content on your website.
  • Now, we will use our professional writers to create new website content for your website.

Month 3 – Implementing Content

  • Now that we have a fundamental base of content on the site, we will start to optimize the website using on-page & off-page SEO.
  • We will implement all of the content and structural changes onto the website.

Month 4 To 6 – Backlinks & Indexing

  • We will now let Google index your content, giving it some time to rank.
  • We will continue to create content, along with starting the distribution of the content for link building.

Months 7 To 12 – Continue To Grow

  • We will continue to grow your website by publishing content & link building.
  • We will review the SEO campaign, and ensure the required changes and pivots and made to ensure your website’s success.


Here at DunkMarketing, we like to be as transparent as possible.

That means we want to give you a basic idea of what our SEO package price is.

Our starting SEO package per month starts at $1000. This includes

  • Weekly Updates
  • 2 Original Pieces Of Content Per Month
  • Everything listed in our SEO timeline
  • Tracking Of Your Progress
  • Guaranteed SEO Work
  • And Much More!

Increase Your Online Presence With Our Local SEO Services

SEO and content involve a multitude of processes – link building, content idea generation, writing, keyword strategy, site health, and more.

Having an experienced and nimble team like ours means your optimizations and content creation will be robust, cohesive, and tailored to the needs of your website and its users.

We are certain we will be able to increase your business’s clicks and impressions without the burden of having to pay for every click. This Adelaide SEO Service is sure not too disappoint.