Monthly Website Maintenance

When we first launch your website, all plugins, pages, and themes are upto date. We also ensure your security is tight, stopping any hackers and malicious code from entering your website.

But, maintaining this is no easy task. A website has to cared for and constantly looked after.

Neglecting a website can lead too

  • A drop in your websites rankings
  • A slower website
  • Outdated pages and plugins
  • Low security, which can lead to website hacks and code injection into your website.
  • And worse of all, a bad client experience on your website, leaving your business, with a bad taste in a potential customer’s mouth.

We understand, running a business is hard, it takes time and, a lot of the time, maintaining a website does get neglected.

That’s why we offer a monthly website maintenance plan. For only $99 a month, the team here a DunkMarketing will take care of your website like it was one of our own. We will also host your website on our secure Cloudways server, meaning you don’t have to worry about downtime!

This includes the following tasks:

  • Keeping your website plugins and themes updated.
  • Ensuring your website’s security is kept up to date.
  • Keeping you updated on any changes that may effect your website.
  • We will also provide support for your website, guiding you if you are looking to make changes.
  • Support for your website when things, inevitability go wrong.

If you’re a busy business owner and want your website to stay professional and reliable, we definitely recommend this plan.