Link Building

Link building is to SEO as ice cream is to desserts. It’s a fundamental part of SEO, and can’t be overlooked.

For years, we have been able to build thousands of links for our clients, and we can do the same for you.

Below, you can see the growth of one our clients backlink portfolios, taking it from under 250 links to 1000!

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Simply put: Backlinks will help your site rank #1 on Google.

It’s all part of your overall digital marketing.

 Link building or backlinking is the foundation SEO is built on – gaining links from authoritative sites in an organic way improves your search engine rankings in the “white hat” or Google approved way. This is opposed to “black hat” or disapproved way. If you’re found out – and you will be – you’ll be penalized by Google for trying.

We use industry best practice “white hat” techniques to ensure your site has the best premium links that search engines love – and that means more visitors and conversions.If you want your website #1, click the button!

Why Choose DunkMarketing For Linkk Building?

Link Audit

Before building links, we will do an in-depth link audit, removing any links that could be negatively affecting your site.

Authoritative Backlinks

We gain our links from high-quality content, and by contacting other high-quality sites, ensuring you are only getting the best backlinks.

Newest technology

Here at DunkMarketing, we only use the newest technology. Using SEO tools such as Ahrefs, and outreach tools such as and more, we ensure a successful outreach campaign.

White Hat

Many SEO agencies will use black hat tactics to gain links for their clients. We only use white hat tactics, ensuring your site will not be penalized.


We will collate data for you, keeping you constantly updated on the success of your backlink campaign.

Site Outreach

We contact high-quality sites, using ethical and appropriate emails, representing your business the right way.

Can’t I Just Do Link Building Myself?

That’s a great question. Sounds easy right, just send a few emails, and the links will come rolling in.

We wish that was the case; in reality, link building is one of the most time-consuming and hard-to-learn skills in SEO.

Good link building is a blend of technical and outreach skills, which can take years to learn. It involves writing great content, growing partnerships with site owners, having good communication skills, and knowing how to find the right websites to get your links from. All of these skills can take years to perfect.

You also need tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and to make it all work.

Let’s make it simple: you could do it yourself if you’re ready to spend hours every day managing and learning how to perfect link building.

Lucky for you, we have spent hours upon hours learning, and we are ready to help you!