A Case Study: TheCarColony

May 3, 2023 by Marcus

Throughout the past few years, the team here at DunkMarketing has worked within a variety of different niches, propelling many different websites into success.

Let’s take a look at one of the team’s latest projects, TheCarColony!

TheCarColony’s Google Search Console Analytics Over The Last 6 Months.

As you can, when we took over 6 months ago, the site was doing a mere 2 clicks a day.

Only 6 months later, using our SEO plan, we were able to take the site to over 10,000 impressions a day, and 300 clicks every day! We are certain the site will continue to explode in traffic within the coming months, and will keep you updated! If you want your site to gain free traffic like this:

What Was The Problem?

The first thing we do when we start an SEO campaign is an audit of the site and point out clear problems that the site is going through and what we can do to fix it.

Despite being around for over a year at the time we took over, the website had barely any traffic.

Also, on our first audit, we found lots of On-Page SEO problems. Things such as poor SEO titles, poor headings, and poor URL structures can affect a site’s ranking. Even smaller things such as meta descriptions are important to ranking a site.

So, we knew two things for sure, we would have to optimize the site’s On-Page SEO, ensuring the URL structures & Headings were all optimized. We also knew we were going to have to rank much more keywords, which means writing high-quality content that Google loves.

So, What Did We Do?

Before we go through what we did to make this site succeed, in this article we are just going over the basic process for this specific, every website needs a different SEO campaign, and that’s why we make sure we curate our SEO campaign to fit your website.

The first thing we did is go through our fundamental SEO checklist, which goes over everything a site needs to get right to succeed.

This is our basic SEO checklist we over when starting a SEO campaign for any site.

After, going through the basic checklist, we go through any existing pages, ensuring everything is optimized.

Step 2: Keyword Research

The next thing we do, is start in-depth keyword research for the site.

By researching competitor sites, and using professional SEO tools such as Ahrefs, we are able to find the right keywords in any niche.

Keyword research is one of the priorities within DunkMarketing, as if you’re not targeting the right keywords, you won’t get traffic.

With this site, we wanted to rank for information about cars, so currently we rank number one for a variety of keywords, such as “best street racing cars”, “best 0w20 oil”, and many more. If a matter of months, we were able to rank for able 7,200 keywords!

Step 3 – Content Uploading & Optimization

The next step we took was to get content written for the site. We use professional content writers for all our content because Google loves high-quality content.

Using the keywords we found prior, we get content written for our high-priority keywords and get that content uploaded as soon as possible.

Before uploading the content, we ensure the content is optimized using On-Page SEO factors such as a good URL, H1’s, title stages, and more.

As you can see on the image, we use images, a quick introduction and smart H1 titles to get the reader staying on the article.

Step 4 – Link Building

Link building is one of the most important ranking factors on Google. We use an intricate outreach system that allows our sites to gather hundreds of links.

Once an article is published, we will start looking for potential link-building candidates. In a matter of months, using our system, we were able to build 100+ links onto our site.

Step 5 – The Waiting Game

Unfortunately, SEO takes time.

There’s not a certain amount of time that can guarantee your site will go number. There are hundreds of different factors that go into ranking a website. The SEO is definitely a for the long run strategy, but is always worth it in the end.

After all the steps, we really just repeat the steps, by continuing to optimize the website and continuing to upload content onto the site.

If you’re really looking to take your business to the next level, I can not stress enough how important SEO is. The ability to outrank your competitors can be vital to getting clients to visit your business, and we are able to do it for you. If you’re interested and want to chat about how we can help you get more customers to see your business, click the button below!